Noar & Bogrim Travel Camp - JCC DayCamps

Noar & Bogrim Travel Camp

June 19-July 14; July 17-August 11 | Grades 5-9, Noar: Grades 5-6 | J&R Day Camp


Campers enjoy time with friends while building new relationships, gaining independence and becoming part of a team. Daily trips depart from Family Park near Monroeville and include Sandcastle, Pirates Game, Kennywood and horseback riding. Fifth- and sixth-graders are grouped separately from seventh, eighth, and ninth graders(Bogrim), with careful attention paid to leadership development and individual growth.

During the third week of each session, Travel campers embark on a 5-day Big Trip out of town. Each getaway includes travel by coach buses and overnight accommodations in Jewish Community Centers. All meals are provided, with most dietary needs being met (kosher, vegetarian). Counselors contact parents the night before each trip to answer questions and help prepare the camper to be away from home. Campers call home at least one time during the five day getaway.

This summer we are to Club Getaway, Week  3 and Philadelphia Week 7.