Specialty Camps at the JCC


Take a week (or more) to do what you love the most! JCC Specialty Camps, held at J&R and the JCC Squirrel Hill, give campers the chance to focus on a topic or skill with the benefits of being in a fun camp environment. Choose from sports specialties, science discovery, arts exploration and adventures.


We are offering specialty camps with the following vendors:

Mark Haffner, Tennis Professional
Performing Arts Camp with Kathy Wayne
Pittsburgh Bullets Basketball
British Soccer Camp
Drobots Company
and many more..!

Elite Tennis

Grades 1-8 | J&R Day Camp

The Great Outdoors

Grade 2 - 6 | J&R Day Camp

American Ninja Warrior

Grades 3-6 | J&R Day Camp

Performing Arts

Grades 4-10 | JCC Squirrel Hill

Mini Mensches

Grade 3 - Grade 6 | JCC Squirrel Hill

Super Shooters Basketball

Grades 1-8 | JCC Squirrel Hill

Advanced Dance Camp

Grades 1-8 | JCC Squirrel Hill

Real World Robotics Snapology

Grades 1 - 4 | JCC Squirrel Hill

Intro to Drone Flying Missions

Grades 1-2 | JCC Squirrel Hill

Ultimate Drone Obstacle Challenge

Grades 3-5 | JCC Squirrel Hill

Intro to Drone Coding Games

grades 1-2 | JCC Squirrel Hill

Drone Superhero Missions

Grades 3-5 | JCC Squirrel Hill

Animal Planet

Grades 2-6 | JCC Squirrel Hill


6-12 | JCC Squirrel Hill

Ceramics Camp

| JCC Squirrel Hill

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