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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your camps?

We offer day camps in three convenient locations:

  • JCC Henry Kaufmann Family Park, Monroeville (transportation included)
  • JCC Squirrel Hill – 5738 Darlington Road
  • Our Lady of Grace School & JCC South Hills – 310 Kane Boulevard, 345 Kane Boulevard, off Bower Hill Road, Scott Township

What makes JCC Day Camps different?

  1. Programming: We provide age-appropriate programming for school aged campers, from traditional day camp experiences to focused specialty programs.
  2. Community: We are intentional in fostering friendships and community, and helping each child develop independence and as thinkers, creators and leaders.
  3. Staff: We are committed to providing your child with the most appropriate counselors and specialists possible. To do this, we create a team atmosphere at camp, and the staff is dedicated to giving your child a wonderful summer experience, one in which campers learn, grow, and most importantly develop relationships and experiences that will have meaning and impact for a lifetime.
  4. All inclusive pricing: What you see is what you get—there are no hidden fees.

What activities can my child do at camp? Do they get to choose their own?

Our action-packed daily schedules provide a balance of group activities and special camp wide programs.  With sports, swimming, outdoor adventure, arts & crafts, drama, music, cooking and gardening, our campers enjoy a well-rounded experience in a safe environment.  We differentiate our programming by creating aspirational arcs, offering something new for each age group every summer to keep them excited and wanting to come back to camp.


Campers in 3rd grade and higher get to choose 1 chug (hobby-time) per week out of the activities listed above.  They also get special programming opportunities such as overnights, late stays, campfires and other activities that is rich, challenging and allows them to master new skills.

My child has food sensitivities.

We are allergy sensitive and nut aware. Gluten, Dairy, Lactose, Vegan and picky eaters welcome!

My child takes medication.

For your child’s protection, we do not permit children to take any kind of medication without supervision. If your child requires medication during the camp day, please provide it in a clearly marked container and make sure you indicate dosage instructions and whether the medication needs to be refrigerated. All prescription orders must be accompanied by the written order of the child’s physician.

How do I stay connected to camp?

Communication with parents and caregivers is very important to us.  Our unit leaders and camper care specialists are available to answer your questions or concerns, or to update you in a timely manner by phone or email.  Our camp office is open daily from 7:30am-5pm.  You can always email our camp director as well.


A great way to stay connected to us is through our JCC Day Camps app.  You can view our program and events calendar, menus, daily photos, claim lost and found and receive real-time updates about your child’s commute to and from camp.  You can also message our camp leadership directly.  We use the app to send push notifications for all timely updates.

Who are the staff that work at camp?

We know the key to a great summer is the quality of the staff.  Our staff nurture the potential of all campers, of all abilities and backgrounds, creating an environment that fosters engagement and inclusion. Staff members model and teach positive behaviors for our campers such as teamwork, active listening, leadership, problem solving, empathy and enthusiasm. The staff selection process is competitive, requiring references, an in-depth interview and background checks.  Our staff range from students entering 10th grade to college graduates and older.  All staff participate in a week-long intensive orientation before the summer starts, which includes learning to work with children of various ages, program planning, First Aid/CPR safety training, positive behavior support training and emergency preparedness.  Many of our staff have grown up at JCC Day Camps.  They form a close-knit community where everyone is supported and challenged to be their best selves.

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