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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your camps?

We offer day camps in three convenient locations:

  • JCC Henry Kaufmann Family Park, Monroeville (transportation included)
  • JCC Squirrel Hill – 5738 Darlington Road
  • JCC South Hills – 345 Kane Boulevard, off Bower Hill Road, Scott Township

What makes JCC Day Camps different?

  1. Programming: We provide age-appropriate programming for campers ages 2 to 16, from traditional day camp experiences to focused specialty programs.
  2. Community: We are intentional in fostering friendships and community, and helping each child develop independence and as thinkers, creators and leaders.
  3. Staff: We are committed to providing your child with the most appropriate counselors and specialists possible. To do this, we create a team atmosphere at camp, and the staff is dedicated to giving your child a wonderful summer experience, one in which campers learn, grow, and most importantly develop relationships and experiences that will have meaning and impact for a lifetime.
  4. All inclusive pricing: What you see is what you get—there are no hidden fees.

My child will be a first-time camper. Do you have any tips about how to get ready for camp?

  • Talk with your child about all the exciting activities that camp has to offer—swimming, hikes, arts & crafts, sports and more
  • Get paired up with other camp families to set up play dates to meet other campers in the same age group
  • Keep the night before camp begins a bit calmer than usual and aim for your child to have a good night’s sleep
  • Be brief, yet warm, when you send or drop your child off to camp on the first day
  • Look through your camper’s backpack before he or she leaves to ensure that all the important things have been packed
  • Call the camp office after June 1, and we’ll be happy to talk to your child directly about getting ready for the big days ahead.

My child has food sensitivities.

We are allergy sensitive and nut aware. Gluten, Dairy, Lactose, Vegan and picky eaters welcome!

My child takes medication.

For your child’s protection, we do not permit children to take any kind of medication without supervision. If your child requires medication during the camp day, please provide it in a clearly marked container and make sure you indicate dosage instructions and whether the medication needs to be refrigerated. All prescription orders must be accompanied by the written order of the child’s physician.

How do I stay connected to camp?

We keep you connected through emails, text messages and social media postings on Facebook and Instagram.

What happens during the rest of the year?

Our Camp 365 programs keep the summer spirit going throughout the year. Check our Events to see what’s happening!

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