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Celebrating Camp on Wear Your Camp T-Shirt Day

Whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall, camp professionals are the lucky ones.  We get to eat, sleep and breathe summer camp all year long.  Spending time engaging our campers, parents, staff and community partners is a critical and special part of the work we do.  Whether it’s recruiting new campers or staff, posting memories year-round on social media, visiting past and present staff on college campuses, or bringing everyone back together for camp reunions, each of these experiences brings a reminder of the joy that camp brings us.

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We Prepare Kids for Life’s Journeys

Rachael Speck on on her new role as Children, Youth and Family Director

Day camp is the beginning of the journey to becoming independent.  It can create the foundation needed for successful longer-term experiences away from home. 

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JCC Performing Arts Camps: Show-Stopping Experiences

Posted by Kathy Wayne on May 6, 2019

Do you have a child who is driven to act, sing or dance? Send them to a JCC Performing Arts Camp! At JCC Performing Arts Camp, kids entering grades 4 to 10 learn the fundamentals of theater, music and dance as they put on a show.

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At Camp, We Focus on the Whole Person

Posted by Katie Warren Whitlatch on May 1, 2019

In a world fueled by test scores and state mandated curricula, camp is in the fortunate position of being a place where the focus can be on the camper as a whole, individual person.

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Children Experience the Miracle of Nature at JCC Day Camps

Posted by JCC Day Camps on April 24, 2019

Children have an innate affinity for nature, sensory play and experiential learning that we see every day at JCC Day Camps. The Torah teaches us a lot about the importance of nature. From the start, the book of Bereshit details God’s creations of heaven and earth. Each time God created something in this epic beginning story of the world, the Torah says, v’erah elokim ki tov or God saw that it was good.

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“Send them to camp.”

Posted by Lewis Sohinki on April 18, 2019

Camp is special in creating opportunities for learning and growth for children. At camp, we provide an environment where each child has the ability to strengthen and build on becoming the best versions of themselves. Now, as the Director of our Squirrel Hill Day Camps, I have the unique opportunity to pay it forward and offer the same life-learning opportunities to others throughout our community.

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Why I Chose Camp

Posted by Jason Haber on April 12, 2019

Following my junior year of high school I was told that it was time to become an adult, which meant getting a summer job. Within a few weeks of beginning my search for gainful employment, I was fortunate to have two options: the South Hills JCC Day Camp or Rite Aid on Bower Hill Rd. Rite Aid paid 25 cents more per hour, so as a typical teenager I was leaning towards taking more money. I envisioned all of the late night meals at Eat’n Park I could afford with the extra cash, but I knew in my gut that summer camp would provide a much more meaningful experience.


Why should my child come to your camp?

Posted by Lewis Sohinki and Jason Haber on April 4, 2019

Parents often ask us, “Why should my child come to your camp?” or even, “Why should my child go to camp at all?” Simply put, summer camp makes children more resilient to life’s stresses and better prepared to meet life’s inevitable challenges.

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Yalla Balagan: Teen Travel Camp – Re-imagined!

Posted by Hannah Kalson on March 13, 2019

Summer is an opportunity. It’s a time for kids to explore, to learn, to try new things, to have fun. It’s a chance for kids to spend time with old and new friends, and to find out a little more about who they are and who they want to be. This summer, I hope you will take the opportunity to join us for all this and more at the first year of Yalla Balagan, the reimagined teen travel camp at J&R.


The power of summer camp

By Jason Kunzman May 9, 2018

One of the steepest learning curves in my 16 months as the JCC’s Chief Program Officer has been in the area of summer camp.

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