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Specialty & Performing Arts Camps Summer 2020 FAQs

Rachael Speck

Specialty Camps & Performing Arts Camp (PAC)
Frequently Asked Questions

Updates are in effect until it’s been deemed safe to resume our normal schedule and activities at Specialty Camps and Performing Arts Camp (PAC).
 If I am a JCC member, when will my JCC membership dues resume?
o JCC membership dues will begin to be charged on June 1st.

 Why am I paying membership dues if the JCC has not fully reopened?
o This supports costs associated with enhanced maintenance and cleaning, JCC security.

 What are the hours of operation of Specialty Camps and PAC?
o 9:00am – 3:15pm with arrival times between 8:00am – 9:00am and dismissal times between 3:15pm – 4:15pm. o Families will be assigned pre-designated windows of time for drop-off and pick-up.
o Drop-off and pick-up times will be staggered to ensure adequate time for a daily health screening and temperature check and to allow for physical distancing.
o We strongly encourage the same adult pick up and drop the child at camp each day. If possible, try to avoid having grandparents or any adult who is highly vulnerable to exposure drop off and pick up.
o Special consideration will be given to those families who have children attending camp in multiple locations and/or have children in who are in the JCC’s Early Childhood program as well as day camps. We will do our best to meet every family’s scheduling needs.

 How will children be grouped? o We group children according to Specialty Camp. Performing Arts campers will be split into small groups. All campers will be in a group size of 10 or less and will do all activities, meals and snacks with the same group.
 What’s changing from the typical camp day?
o Physical distancing will occur by group, not by individual.
o Our daily schedule is revised to ensure enough time in between for handwashing/ sanitizing and cleaning and disinfecting equipment.
o To afford our campers the most time allowed in their Specialty Camps, we have decided swimming will not be offered.
o We are awaiting additional information from Allegheny County on the operation of our indoor pool.
o Performing Arts Camp will be structured in small group workshops focusing on acting, dance, scene work, voice, and choreography, with virtual solo and small group performances each week for parents to view. We will unable to schedule a culminating musical performance or in-person performances.

 What do I bring to camp each day?
o Please send your child to camp each day with their own water bottle and be sure that it is labeled.
o Lost & Found will be returned to your child if it is labeled. Any unlabeled items will be donated or disposed of at the end of each week.

 How will camp communicate with me while camp is in session?
o You will be able to stay connected to each of our camps through our brand new JCC Day Camps App called “MyCampApp” and social media.
o Our Specialty Camp Director and PAC Director will be available by phone and email to answer any of your questions or concerns.
o Important camp phone numbers and MyCampApp set-up instructions will be shared with you prior to your child’s arrival at camp.
o We are accustomed to providing photos of camp experiences happening throughout our day to families. While we shift to ensure our ability to focus fully on health and safety and on the interactions with and between children, photos and will take on a different look. Our commitment to sharing our journey with you through those photos continues, however, with a larger number of smaller groups scattered across camp, it is likely that there will be fewer photos of individual campers each day.

 Which spaces will be used?
o Spaces throughout the entire Robinson building will be used by our campers.
o The building will only be open for Specialty Camps and Performing Arts Camp. It will not be open to members or guests.
o We are closely monitoring our enrollment week-to-week and will only accommodate the number of campers on site to adhere to guidelines and physical distancing between groups in any of our indoor or outdoor spaces. Physical distancing will be strictly enforced between groups.

 What if my child gets sick at camp? o An isolation room has been set up to allow children who are sick to wait for their parents. Parents must pick up within an hour of receiving a phone call. If a parent cannot be reached, the emergency contact provided will be used.

 Is travel an issue?
o If any family member or other person living with a camper travels outside of the Pittsburgh region, the JCC will assess the risks associated with such travel, taking into account the region traveled to and the form of transportation used, to determine whether the child is required to wait at least 14 days after the traveler(s) returns to Pittsburgh before returning to camp.

 Will other JCC staff be present at camp throughout the day?
o Children will be with the same staff as much as possible. Maintenance and cleaning staff, along with our kitchen crew will be onsite each day. Other JCC staff members may assist with arrival health screenings and various other responsibilities in association with camp but will not enter into the campground.

 Who can I expect to see at the drop off/screening each day?
o Specialty Camp Director, Courtney Holzwarth, our PAC director, Kathy Wayne, other camp staff, other JCC staff.

 Who will be wearing masks?
o In accordance with the guidance we’ve received from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, as of July 1, masks must be worn at all times by everyone age 2 and older.

 Is my child required to wear a mask?
o No. While the recommendation is for older children to wear a face mask, we know that children are likely to have great difficulty in doing so. Both the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommend washing your hands after each time an individual touches their face mask, which we do not believe to be plausible in our camp environment.

 Can I send my child with a face mask to wear?
o For those who wish to send a mask we will make every effort to ensure proper use. We reserve the right to request that the face mask be removed if proper wear is not happening.

 Are members allowed to use the Robinson building during camp?
o No. The building will be open only for campers, staff members and contracted vendors serving camp.

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