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At JCC Specialty Camps, kids get the chance to focus on the things they love to learn and do. Led by expert instructors and enthusiastic staff, Specialty Camps provide campers opportunities to explore interests and gain knowledge, skills and proficiency. Choose from a variety of exciting one-week options, and customize the summer based on your child’s interests and your family’s schedule. Free swim and gym times allow campers to move around and mix with friends attending other JCC Specialty Camps. Snacks and lunch served daily unless otherwise noted.

Switch and Signal Skatepark Screenshot 2022-01-21 164507

Switch and Signal Skateboarding

GRADES 3-6: July 10-14 & GRADES 1-3: July 17-21 | Squirrel Hill

Skateboarding is fun but sometimes elusive. In this camp we get everyone from the beginner to more experienced skateboarder learning new and exciting things. From pushing, riding and turning, to new tricks on flat ground and ramps; there is a new challenge for everyone! We will start by assembling the boards used for the week, learning tricks, and playing skateboard games. Instruction will be facilitated by experienced skateboarders from Switch and Signal Skatepark. All equipment (pads, helmets, and skateboards) can be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment too. We recommend participants wear flat sneakers, such as Vans or a similar rubber soled shoe. $425

slime time

Slime Time Live!

Grades 1-3 | July 10-14 | Squirrel Hill

Join us for Slime Time Pittsburgh’s SENSE-ATIONAL SUMMER CAMP!!! An interactive five-day exploration of the 5-SENSES. Our Slimeologists will guide you through various activities with each day focused on one of the five senses: Taste, Touch, Feel, Hear, See! ***Learn…Create…Have Fun…and Take Home Your Creations*** $375

outside the box labs

Find the Energy! Outside the Box Science

GRADES 1-3 – July 17-21 | GRADES 4-6 – July 24-28 | Squirrel Hill

Different types of energy are behind how everything works, from our cars, to our brains, from plants to hurricanes. We will crash, build, blow-up, dissect, explore and investigate to find the source of these different energies in machinery, living things, outer space and the planet around us! $400

Kung Fu,Changquan,Mabu anzhang,Lange Faust Style,Kung Fu Lehrer

Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting!

GRADES 1-8 | July 17-21 | Squirrel Hill

"Journey through Kung Fu " is an ancient Chinese martial arts learning method open to 1st through 8th graders. Campers will learn physical techniques, how they are used, and also why - in history and today. These wonderful students will learn individual techniques, Kung Fu animal routines, short staff basics and routine, beginner Chinese calligraphy, Chinese drumming, gong, and cymbals, endurance, focus, teamwork, imagination, and …patience! They will be active participants in learning, helping others, and being open to being helped by other adults as well as peer Jr. Instructors as they prepare for the culmination of the camp which will be a formal demonstration for parents and staff on Friday. $400

Little medical school

Little Doctor & Dentist School

GRADES 1-4 | July 24-28 | Squirrel Hill

Camp participants will role-play the key responsibilities of a doctor as they earn about vital organs in the human body. These future doctors will learn how to use a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, and reflex hammer. They will practice administering first aid, learn how pharmacists play a role in administering medications, and more! Camper will also role-play the key responsibilities of a dentist and become familiar with basic dental instruments. These future dentists will learn about mouth structure, the parts of a tooth, oral hygiene, most common dental operations, and how to fill a cavity $450


Music Mania! With Sunburst School of Music *NEW!

GRADES 2-5 | July 24-28 | Squirrel Hill

The JCC and Sunburst School of Music Music Mania is guaranteed to be a fun-packed experience with a great team of creative young musicians who will work together on the camp’s number one goal: Put on a live concert by the end of the week. If you’ve ever wanted to play in a band, this is your chance! Each day will include instrument practice, band rehearsals, and songwriting. At the end of the week, campers will put on a camp concert where they’ll perform for a live audience to showcase their hard work. Band Camp will surely be a unique camp experience that you won’t want to miss! $400

Little girl shooting basket and playing basketball at home

Dunk on You Basketball

GRADES 4-6: July 24-28 | GRADES 1-3: August 7-11 | Squirrel Hill

This camp is a slam dunk! SCORE-USA's team of talented instructors will help give young athletes a fun, fast and exciting introduction to the game of Basketball. Through individual instruction - campers will perform skill development drills focusing on the fundamentals of the game including ball-handling, passing/catching, ball agility, and the foundations of shooting. Campers will practice their skills all week long in preparation for some live play and skill challenges at the end of the week. This is a perfect opportunity for younger players to develop their Basketball skills! $375

Lost Tribe esports

Minecraft Virtual Israel! Lost Tribe Esports

GRADES 4-8: July 31-August 4 | Squirrel Hill

This summer, take a virtual tour of Israel with the JCC and Lost Tribe Minecraft! For one week, program participants will explore Minecraft recreations and interpretations of some of Israel's most famous sites, including the Kotel, the Dead Sea, Masada, and more, all within Lost Tribe's private Minecraft space. These unique "field trips" are accentuated by cooperative, creative, and competitive activities, such as bartering with shopkeepers at Shuk HaCarmel and swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Reef in Eilat. Experience the beauty and culture of Israel without the long flights and exorbitant fees! $450

A girl of 6 years, on a black background. A cheerleader with yellow pumpons.Sport and energy.

Pride Cheer Camp

GRADES 2-5 | July 31-August 4 | Squirrel Hill

In this camp, campers will expand their cheerleading knowledge, improve skills, and learn how to work as a team! Each day we will spend time working on tumbling, stunting, jumps, and a dance. During the tumbling block, campers will learn the shapes, technique and application of skills ranging from handstands, to cartwheels, to back handsprings. The level of tumbling will differ based on your campers prior knowledge and experience with cheerleading and gymnastics. Each day campers will learn stunting and pyramids. This consists of campers building lifts and performing skills in groups. Additionally, campers will learn jumps and a dance. All skills will be put together with counts and music for campers to perform at the end of the week! $375

tavolo da gioco buio con sfondo

Dungeons & Dragons

GRADES 4-8 | August 7-11 | Squirrel Hill

Welcome to the mystical Dungeons & Dragons! This camp will introduce kids to a world mythical creatures, legends, and how to harness their imaginations in a fantastic game of role-playing! We will learn to create characters, lands and adventure stories for our players to unfold in their own unique ways. Roll your way into a fantastic adventure this summer! $375

animals and artists

Pittsburgh Arts & Media: Animals & Artists in Action

GRADES 1-3 | August 7-11 | Squirrel Hill

This dynamic animal and arts focused program combines creative drama and visual arts. Learn the foundations of acting, explore drama with theater games, and dive into books, literature, and art—all about animals! We will use pastels and watercolors to create furry creature paintings, cut paper and glue to make reptile collages, and folded paper combined with wild imaginations to design and write insect books and stories. Campers will gain communication skills, leadership skills, and self-confidence, all while telling stories and having fun through imaginative play and visual arts. $375

Venture Outdoors

Venture Outdoors: Water Explorers

Grades 3-6 | August 14-18 | Squirrel Hill

Love water and ready for adventure this summer? Join Venture Outdoors’ Water Explorers camp to discover the amazing wonders of water! Kayak on the lake, bike along the river, and search for critters in the creek. We’ll end the week with a special boat tour on the Rivers of Steel Explorer boat for sightseeing and science fun. This camp will take you to a variety of local green spaces around Pittsburgh, including North Park, Frick Park, and Millvale Riverfront Park. $475


Magical Mysteries & Balloon Artistry

GRADES 1-5 | August 14-18 | Squirrel Hill

Back again this summer Weird Eric will be instructing young minds in the ways of Illusions, magical history, and performance. In addition to magic we will explore the wonderful world of balloon artistry. Students will be given hands on instruction in both forms of entertainment, and push their creative minds to participate in a small performance at the end of the week! $375


Art Reimagined! *NEW!

GRADES 3-6 | August 14-18 | Squirrel Hill

Take your shoes off and stay a while! Campers will create a variety of arts and crafts masterpieces with Art Imagined. Campers will participate in oil painting, creating clay sculptures, jewelry making, acrylics, so much more. The camp will end with a fabulous art show for friends and families to attend. You don't want to miss out on this creative camp. $375





7:30-9:00 AM

Before care


9:00‐9:15 AM

Morning flagpole


9:15‐10:30 AM

Specialty activity


10:30‐10:45 AM

Morning snack


10:45‐12:30 PM

Specialty activity


12:30‐1:00 PM



1:00‐2:00 PM

Specialty activity OR Campers Choice*


2:00‐3:00 PM

Specialty activity OR Campers Choice


3:00‐3:30 PM

Afternoon snack


3:30 PM



Afternoon activities depend upon the specific camp. Campers Choice activities can include swimming, a trip to the library or Davis Park, no bake cooking, gym games, wacky sports, board game tourneys and more.

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