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2021 Specialty Camps!

At JCC Specialty Camps, kids get the chance to focus on the things they love to learn and do. Led by expert instructors and enthusiastic staff, Specialty Camps provide campers opportunities to explore interests and gain knowledge, skills and proficiency. Choose from a variety of exciting one-week options, and customize the summer based on your child’s interests and your family’s schedule. Free swim and gym times allow campers to move around and mix with friends attending other JCC Specialty Camps. Snacks and lunch served daily unless otherwise noted. Before-and after-camp care is available for all camps.


Let’s Start A Band! w/ Sunburst Studio

GRADES 4-6 | July 6-9, 2021 | Squirrel Hill

Let’s Start a Band is guaranteed to be a fun-packed intensive experience with a great team of creative young musicians who will work together on the camp’s number one goal: Put on a live concert by the end of the week. If you’ve ever wanted to play in a band, this is your chance! Each day will include instrument practice, group rehearsals of cover songs, and the chance to write your own song. You can also expect to come up with a band name and customize your attire for the end of the week concert where you’ll get to showcase your hard work. All 4th-6th graders welcome to participate. No previous experience is required! $325

outside the box labs

Outside the Box Labs

GRADES 1-3: July 6-9 | GRADES 4-6: July 26-30 | Squirrel Hill

Join us and explore the science of everything this summer. Each full-day camp will investigate two main concepts - Living Things and Machinery. Design, build, test, disassemble, fly and launch your own remote-controlled paper airplane drones, hot air balloons and rockets, pilot a hovercraft and learn the basic science behind some of the coolest machines on earth. Then, we will discover how to use our brains to generate electricity and to control a cyborg beetle. Participants will get to check out some truly bizarre live animal specimens and we will grow, cultivate, test, inspect and dissect plants, bacteria and fungi, including our own moving plants! GRADES 1-3: July 6-9 (4 days) $325 GRADES 4-6: July 26-30 (5 days) $375

arms up

Swoosh, There it Is! Basketball

GRADES 4-6: July 12-16, 2021 | GRADES 1-3: August 2-6, 2021 | Squirrel Hill

This camp is a slam dunk! Drill 4 Skill’s team of talented coaches will give young athletes a fun, fast and exciting introduction to basketball. Through individual instruction, campers will do practice drills focusing on ball handling, passing and shooting and play in games suited for their age and skill level. We’ll practice our skills all week long in preparation for the big game at the end of the week. This is a perfect opportunity for younger players to develop their basketball skills! $375

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SNAPOLOGY: Basic Engineers and RoboPets

GRADES 1-3 | July 12-16, 2021 | Squirrel Hill

We’ll build super-cool models that use gears, axles, and pulleys in our Basic Engineering camp! Work in teams under guided instruction to build a different model using LEGO bricks. In the afternoon, it’s time to explore the world of robotics, building moving animals that teach the fundamentals of robotic design. Whether learning about animal habitats, or discovering what gear and pulleys are used to create the movement while building dancing birds and robotic dogs, your camper is sure to have an awesome time! $375


Roblox 3D Game Battle Royale

GRADES 4-6 | July 12-16 | Squirrel Hill

Fans of Fortnite, we need you! Instead of just playing your favorite battle royale games, why not design your own? In this exciting program campers will use a professional 3D game development software, like Lua, to build levels and assets and create action and battle sequences inspired by popular games like Fortnite. In this popular camp students will create a Fortnite-style Battle Royale game in Roblox! Students will learn both the basics of 3D game development and fundamental programming concepts using the Lua programming language. This camp is designed for beginner to intermediate student who are interested in both programming and game development. $450

balloon twisting art children workshop

Weird Eric Magician and Balloon Workshop

GRADES 1-6 | July 19-23 & August 16-20, 2021 | Squirrel Hill

Our most popular camp from 2020 is back! Ready to experience the magic? Learn the secrets and techniques of a modern magician and balloon artistry! Campers will work side by side with professional magician and instructor Weird Eric to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to perform basic small illusions and magic tricks. This is also your chance to learn, not only how to make some fantastic things out of the balloons, but all about the different tools and materials used! Campers will be provided materials, hands-on instruction, as well as lots of opportunities to express their creativity through the medium of balloon sculpture. Basic designs will be taught like classic animal shapes, flowers, and of course whatever their imaginations come up with! $375

Drobots big enough

Drone Space Spy Adventure

GRADES 1-3 | July 19-23 | Squirrel Hill

Campers, prepare yourself for a week of technology twists and turns. There is no shortage of fun, learning, and excitement in this beginner level drone program. Campers work together and join their counselors to save planet Earth from the pesky Space Spies. Throughout the week campers will be presented with and then solve a variety of technological challenges in order to navigate their way around the galaxy to unlock the next clues. Drobots use the safest and most reliable drone products on the market for enhanced safety and most of all, fun. Campers will learn all of the safety measures as they prepare to learn the basics of drone technology before taking to the air. There is action all around with drones flying in the air and rolling drones navigating the ground. Join us and help rescue planet Earth from the sneakiest Space Spies in the Universe. All campers go home with plenty of Drobots keepsakes and trinkets so the memories last long beyond the summer. $450

Little Medical School

Little Medical School & Little Wilderness School

GRADES 1-4 | July 26-30, 2021 | Squirrel Hill

Little Medical School brings medicine, science, and the importance of health to children in an entertaining, exciting, and fun way. Children learn and have fun as they dress up like doctors, learn how to use instruments doctors use, and understand how the body works! Little Wilderness School will teach children about some of the dangers in the wild and how to safely handle a medical situation in a fun, hands on way! Throughout the week each child receives a diploma, a lab coat, LMS bandana, thermal blanket and so much more! The week will end with a graduation ceremony that families will be able to attend. $450

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SNAPOLOGY: Space Wars and Scientists

GRADES 4-6 | August 2-6 | Squirrel Hill

Do you want to learn about robotics inspired by Star Wars and space travel?! You’ve come to the right place! Each morning, come on an adventure building and programming functional robots using LEGO bricks. Learn about space, space travel, and Star Wars! In the afternoon, the campers will become scientists, engaging in concepts from animal life, astronomy, earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics using LEGO bricks and other interactive tools! $375

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Outdoor Explorations w/ Venture Outdoors

GRADES 3-6 | August 2-6, 2021 | Squirrel Hill

Do you love the outdoors and want to try it all? Join Venture Outdoors the week of August 2nd to try a variety of fun and exciting outdoor activities! Try your hand at kayaking, fishing, geocaching, and biking. We will also practice mindfulness through yoga, visit an exhibit farm, build survival shelters, and hike new trails. This camp will take you to some of Pittsburgh’s most celebrated parks, including North Park, Riverview Park, Highland Park, and Round Hill Park. We hope to see you outside! $425


Summer Sculpt Art Camp w/ Little House Big Art

GRADES 1‐6 | August 2-6 & August 9-13, 2021 | Squirrel Hill

Campers will explore tons of art styles such as ceramics, jewelry making, fiber arts, mixed media portraits, and more! Little House Big Art is ready to help us get crafty and creative! There will certainly be something for everyone this week, and we guarantee some awesome master pieces at the end which will all be featured in our grand showcase! $375

Venture Outdoors

Outdoor Survival Skills w/ Venture Outdoors

GRADES 3-6 | August 9-13 | Squirrel Hill

You’ve survived a school year on Zoom, but can you survive living in the wilderness if you ever had to? Join Venture Outdoors’ survival skills camp to learn what it takes to survive in the backcountry woods! We will bike, kayak, and fish – but will also learn how to build fires, use a map and compass, set up a proper campsite, and try our hand at wilderness first aid medicine. This camp will take you to a variety of local green spaces around the city, including North Park, Schenley Park and Millvale Riverfront Park. Join us the week of August 9th! $425

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Lights, Camera, Action!

GRADES 4-6 | August 16-20 | Squirrel Hill

Let’s make a movie! The experts from Steeltown Entertainment will guide campers through the movie-making process, while allowing them to explore their creativity, develop acting and technical skills, work as a team, and develop critical thinking skills to better express themselves creatively. Over five days, campers will learn the language of cinema, the roles and jobs that go into making a movie, as well as be introduced to the basic technical building blocks needed to make a movie – such as writing, camera, lighting, audio, and editing. They will get the chance to operate gear, and eventually, shoot their own project as a group. Students will also learn how to better appreciate cinema and understand the power motion picture has to inspire and persuade people. $450




7:30-9:00 AM

Before care


9:00‐9:15 AM

Morning flagpole


9:15‐10:30 AM

Specialty activity


10:30‐10:45 AM

Morning snack


10:45‐12:30 PM

Specialty activity


12:30‐1:00 PM



1:00‐2:00 PM

Specialty activity OR Campers Choice*


2:00‐3:00 PM

Specialty activity OR Campers Choice


3:00‐3:30 PM

Afternoon snack


3:30 PM



Afternoon activities depend upon the specific camp. Campers Choice activities can include swimming, a trip to the library or Davis Park, no bake cooking, gym games, wacky sports, board game tourneys and more.

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