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At JCC Specialty Camps, kids get the chance to focus on the things they love to learn and do. Led by expert instructors and enthusiastic staff, Specialty Camps provide campers opportunities to explore interests and gain knowledge, skills and proficiency. Choose from a variety of exciting one-week options, and customize the summer based on your child’s interests and your family’s schedule. Free swim and gym times allow campers to move around and mix with friends attending other JCC Specialty Camps. Snacks and lunch served daily unless otherwise noted.

outside the box labs

ECO Art with Outside the Box Labs

GRADES 1-5 – July 8-12 | Squirrel Hill

NEW! Create your own media and art from the natural and recycled resources all around you! At this camp you will learn the science behind the creation of different types of art. Campers will create tie-dye with natural materials, recycled paper, stepping stone molds, henna tattoos, charcoal pencils forged in fire, and other natural art! $425

Switch and Signal Skatepark Screenshot 2022-01-21 164507

Switch and Signal Skateboarding

GRADES 3-6: July 8-12

Skateboarding is fun but sometimes elusive. In this camp everyone from the beginner to more experienced skateboarder will learn something new and exciting. From pushing, riding and turning, to new tricks on ramps; there is a new challenge for everyone! We will start by learning the basics of the boards, learn tricks, play skate games and make skate art each camper can take home. Instruction will be facilitated by experienced skateboarders from Switch and Signal Skatepark. All equipment (pads, helmets, and skateboards) can be provided, but must be requested. Participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment too. We recommend participants wear flat sneakers, such as Vans or a similar rubber soled shoe. Athletic running shoes with foam soles and heels are discouraged as they are hard to maneuver. $450

outside the box labs

Space Voyage Adventure! Outside the Box Science

Grades 1-3 - July 15-19 | Grades 4-6 - July 22-26 | Squirrel Hill

Join us on a voyage through space in search of extraterrestrial life forms! We will explore space travel, from gravity and magnetism to rockets and propulsion systems. Then we will investigate how living creatures, from microscopic bacteria to large animals, function and interact with their environments to gain insight into what might be living on other planets or in other star systems. Then we will design and build experimental landing craft and launch them to test their performance. $425

Kung Fu,Changquan,Mabu anzhang,Lange Faust Style,Kung Fu Lehrer

Float Like a Butterfly Sting Like A Bee, Kung Fu Fighting!

GRADES 1-8 | July 15-19 | Squirrel Hill

Kung Fu is an ancient Chinese martial arts learning method. Campers will learn physical techniques and how they are used, and also why – in history and today. They will be active participants in learning for themselves, helping others, and being open to being helped by other adults as well as peer Jr. Instructors, as they prepare for the culmination of the camp which will be a formal demonstration (wearing their Kung Fu shirts!) for parents and staff on Friday. They will perform as new Kung Fu Pandas, knowing that they can do better than they thought they could. These wonderful students will learn individual techniques, Kung Fu animal routines, sword (foam) basics and routine, beginner Chinese calligraphy, endurance, focus, teamwork, imagination, and …patience! $400

Little girl shooting basket and playing basketball at home

Slam DUNK! Basketball with Run the Show

GRADES 5-8 - July 22-26 | GRADES 1-4 - August 5-9 | Squirrel Hill

RUN THE SHOW is a basketball company run by current and former professional and college basketball coaches. RTS provides holistic Basketball Betterment experiences for players of all ages and skill levels. These camps will be skill development based, with a goal to build confidence with the ball. Building confidence through skills training is an integral belief of Run The Show Basketball programming. ALLEN DEEP - 5 Years coaching NBA/GLG, USA Basketball Assistant Coach, Impact Basketball and University of Akron Staff. STEVE MCNEES - 13 years DI Assistant Coach (Akron & Duquesne) and former overseas pro. $375

steeltown film 240_F_309752806_A8lKqMvjShO9PSnr0LPsym88ViwlnBPo

Lights, Camera, Action! With WQED Film Makers

GRADES 1-4 - July 22-26 | Squirrel Hill

The experts from WQED Film Academy will guide campers through the movie-making process, allowing them to explore their creativity. During the five-day program, campers will learn the language of cinema and the various roles involved in creating a movie through hands-on experience. Together, we will collaborate to create a short film by writing, storyboarding, capturing footage, using lighting, recording audio, and editing. This short film will document their camp experience, creating a lasting memory for them to share with their families. $500


Expand your Creative Mind! With Art Imagined

GRADES 1-3 - July 22-26 | Squirrel Hill


A girl of 6 years, on a black background. A cheerleader with yellow pumpons.Sport and energy.

Jump, Cheer, and Shout! With Pittsburgh Pride Cheer

Grades 5-8 - July 29-August 2 | Grades 1-4 - August 12-16 | Squirrel Hill

In this camp, campers will expand their cheerleading knowledge, improve skills, and learn how to work as a team! Each day we will spend time working on tumbling, stunting, jumps, and a dance. During the tumbling block, campers will learn the shapes, technique and application of skills ranging from handstands, to cartwheels, to back handsprings. The level of tumbling will differ based on your campers prior knowledge and experience with cheerleading and gymnastics. Each day campers will learn stunting and pyramids. This consists of campers building lifts and performing skills in groups. Additionally, campers will learn jumps and a dance. All skills will be put together with counts and music for campers to perform at the end of the week! $375

circus 2

O’Ryan the O’Mazing’s Spectacular Circus Camp

Grades 1-3 - July 29-August 2 | Squirrel Hill

Focusing on personal identity and self acceptance, this workshop uses the fundamentals of clowning, physical theater, and circus skills to help each child unlock their own unique sense of character. Together, we explore emotions, identity, and problems by becoming a clown for a week, and tackling failure head on. We also learn tons of games and exercises that teach focus and strength, while helping students to embrace their inner clown, making this workshop a unique and empowering experience. Students learn the basics of clowning, juggling, plate spinning, and improvisational physical theater while having fun, working as a team, and building a discipline of practice. They also get to bring home their props so they can show off their skills at home! $400


Music Mania! With Sunburst School of Music

GRADES 2-5 | July 29-August 2 | Squirrel Hill

Join us for another exciting year of Music Mania with Sunburst School of Music. This camp promises a week-long blast of musical fun! Our main mission? To rock the stage with a live concert by the end of the week. If you've ever dreamed of being in a band, please join us! Every day is a musical adventure filled with instrument practice, band rehearsals, and songwriting. The highlight? A grand finale camp concert where campers showcase their hard work and creativity to a live audience. Music Mania is not your average camp—it's a one-of-a-kind musical journey you won't want to miss! Open to all 2nd-5th graders, Music Mania welcomes everyone, regardless of musical experience. All you need is the passion to learn and a willingness to dive into the world of music! This year's camp takes place at Sunburst School of Music located at 5843 Forbes Avenue. Campers will gather at the JCC each morning before walking to the school with their teachers and camp counselors. $400

Venture Outdoors

Venture Outdoors: Water Explorers

Grades 3-5 - August 5-9 | Grades 6-8 - August 12-16 | Squirrel Hill

Love water and ready for adventure this summer? Join Venture Outdoors’ Water Explorers camp to discover the amazing wonders of water! Kayak on the lake, bike along the river, and search for critters in the creek. We’ll end the week with a special boat tour on the Rivers of Steel Explorer boat for sightseeing and science fun. This camp will take you to a variety of local green spaces around Pittsburgh, including North Park, Frick Park, and Millvale Riverfront Park. $500


Intro to Magic! with Weird Eric

GRADES 1-4 | August 12-16 | Squirrel Hill

This fantastic camp will introduce your child to the world of magicians, illusions and live stage entertainment. This camp will be taught by long time JCC program partner & Award-winning Magician Weird Eric! Campers will learn a variety of close up magic tricks and also to create their own magician name and style. On the last day of camp the campers will be performing strolling close up magic tricks at a meet and greet were we invite families to visit this mixer type atmosphere. $375





7:30-9:00 AM

Before care


9:00‐9:15 AM

Morning flagpole


9:15‐10:30 AM

Specialty activity


10:30‐10:45 AM

Morning snack


10:45‐12:30 PM

Specialty activity


12:30‐1:00 PM



1:00‐2:00 PM

Specialty activity OR Campers Choice*


2:00‐3:00 PM

Specialty activity OR Campers Choice


3:00‐3:30 PM

Afternoon snack


3:30 PM



Afternoon activities depend upon the specific camp. Campers Choice activities can include swimming, a trip to the library or Davis Park, no bake cooking, gym games, wacky sports, board game tourneys and more.

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